Design Slam Winners – Autodesk OTx EMEA

Elen Parry, who is in her third year of a BA Three Dimensional Design course in the Manchester School of Art, was half of a pairing that triumphed in a Design Slam challenge that tests design, skill, and presentation.

It is an amazing journey that Elen has been on, from arriving at PrintCity not knowing what CAD was through to embracing the technology within her course through to becoming an expert and teaching the future CAD experts at Manchester Metropolitan, part-time through Jobs4students.

It is amazing how far Elen has come in such a short space of time and in recognition of her ability, she was appointed as an Autodesk Student Ambassador for the UK.

Elen was selected by Autodesk to go to Copenhagen this week to represent the UK and Manchester Metropolitan in a Europe-wide Design Slam, which she followed the PrintCity ethos of kicking the doors in and went on to win.

It is clear that Elen has the three pillars to success: discipline, desire and ability.

We are extremely proud of Elen and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented individual.

Professor Craig Banks, academic lead for PrintCity

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