Design Council’s ‘Number 1 Top Pick’ at New Designers 2018

HeX Earbuds are an audio headphone designed to protect and prevent hearing loss for those who require hearing aids. The geometric design aims to remove the stigma around traditional medical hearing devices and the cutting-edge technology can be used by everyone, not just those with hearing loss.

“Elen is one of our Design Academy Alumni, whose product is an excellent example of inclusive design, with multiple uses for a range of different people. HeX combines the best of design, being people centred, utilising the latest technologies and materials, whilst also looking great.”

Sarah Weir, Design Council CEO
Elen showing her HeX earbuds at New Designers

“The motivation behind HeX Earbuds came from my 20-year-old cousin who recently began wearing an over-the-ear hearing aid. She found existing devices unattractive and impractical as they made it difficult to listen to music with earphones and were uncomfortable to wear with her glasses. I wanted to design a beautiful product which removed the stigma around hearing impairments that could be used by all and not just people with disabilities.”

Elen Parry

The full article can be found here.


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