HeX earbuds

Background: It was my intention to design an accessible hearing aid that removes social barriers and can enhance human ability, making it desirable to a wider range of people.

Outcome: For the first time ever, be in control of your hearing. Cutting edge technology can differentiate between background noise, and the noise you want to hear. Increase or decrease the volume of your environment or connect with others for a unique listening experience.

Hex earbuds are designed for everyone. They work to enhance hearing as well as protecting and preventing hearing loss. They provide the user with more comfort in environments where the audio levels around them are out of their control. HeX earbuds extend human ability, allowing the user to control what they hear.

The geometric design aims to innovate the aesthetic of medical devices. Embedded technology to stream music and receive phone calls brings an element of desirability to a device that is often rejected by the user.


HeX earbudsHeX earbuds Render


HeX earbuds Exploded View



Role: Designer

Date: 13.01.2-18-16.02.2018

 Software: Fusion 360, Photoshop


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