Preview: Infant Prosthetic Arm

Full project release is expected in late 2022

Background:  My work aims to innovate the design of assistive aids and

medical products, changing perceptions and removing stigmas. I believe these

products should follow the ethos of ‘essential for some but desirable for all’. My

approach includes using human-centred design methods to create designed

products that are current and inclusive. Instead of intending to meet normal

human ability, why not innovate, embrace diversity and aim to extend it?

Brief: Design a 3D printable upper limb prosthetic for infants that is aesthetically exciting and non-stigmatising.

Outcome: A custom 3D printed socket modelled from a scan with an interchangeable and highly customisable prosthetic limb.

Elen Parry 3Elen Parry 2

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